Someone once told me that I had to learn to act rather than react. This is how my journey began , I hope it helps you understand 
I had thought about escorting ever since I was old enough to know what it was. Then agency were elite exclusive and expensive. There were private clubs islands and model agencies around the world that catered to an affluent clientele and money seemingly grew on trees . Oh how times have changed. I answered an add in the paper ( before computers and google became the norm) for a receptionist job. 

I rang the number a woman answered and we agreed to meet in a hotel in the city.
I remember walking into the bar , my jaw dropped I was facing a very sophisticated woman head to toe in Dior. 
We sat down and started to chat . I was a little naive but not stupid. I knew it had to be something different.
I have always been open and fearless . She told me it was an escort agency she had x amount of girls a few guys. My job would be to answer the phones organise the girls appointments collect the money etc. I thought to myself, I can do that .How hard can that be. It took me a few weeks , to get the hang of things. I loved it, I got a huge thrill when a gentleman would call and would ask for my recommendation… And the clients paid . If they didn’t the madam herself would collect. And trust me if a confident well groomed English Dominatrix was sitting in the reception area of your office telling anyone that walked through the door , that owed an escort agency money, you paid up quickly .