My life as an escort, the beginning

I will begin from the moment I started to do this work, like most others before me and probably after me have said I will only do this until I save some money pay off the mortgage blah blah , because that’s what it is blah . Very few do that . You become aware of the world through different eyes and there is no going back. I have learnt much about myself and about men A lot about men and about myself. I have also decided to add parts of my life experiences have molded me as a woman before I became an escort.

My name is Catherine an Australia courtesan escort companion . Courtesan that’s a word that’s up for interpretation . The lines have become blurred , and a lot of people believe that a Courtesan is a very expensive escort . It is so much more than that.

I keep company with a few very wealthy men from around the world . frequently.What makes me different ? I am a mature woman who has learnt much and is happy to share with you my story . We all have one , mine is one of self discovery adventure and its very real.

The men and women I see do not want to cheat or seek relationships outside of their marriages and private relationships . They are at times lonely , lost , confused tired sometimes bored and a little ashamed because they have physical desires that they are embarrassed to reveal to their partners. sex is the easiest way for a man to let go and experience something emotional for himself. every interaction I have with my clients is intimacy in its real form. simply because there are no boundaries and limitations society places . A man may desire the company of a girl that reminds him of his first love or the love that has passed him by. This may be why he wants to be with a young girl , or she may represent his success. There is no judgement here from me , only the understanding of why you are here .Yes I know I am no longer a young woman but I was once and the clients who I see today are confident mature and not so mature men who know what they want and choose me because I could be anyone . A business associate , a partner a relative . I could be anyone. A lot of men hold their partners up on pedestals and feel that they would never sully their spouses or partners with their hidden fantasies. Or they can only let out that side of themselves with strangers. They know the consequences of their actions because sadly a lot of women are very narrow in their sexual viewpoints.

Its ironic how I got here, and I wouldn’t change it because I have learnt to be accepting and empathetic with whose I meet. My career

has allowed me the unique opportunity to learn and experience differences in many forms and in doing so I am becoming a better person.

Most of us are given the life that’s expected, and influenced by the world we grow up in. To become someone deserving of the eyes of strangers. We are looking for acceptance, belonging and contentment.

My life started with an ingrained belief of entitlement .Neither rich nor poor. We were the generation after the one that lost it all. I have never had a connection with my family . My mother did me well with never depend on a man attitude, it only took me fifty years to become truly independent and not need anyone except myself. I am enough. I finally got it. Its okay to be independent and be with someone.

Each of us brings something into relationships, one may have the money the other may have the ability to give him or her the family they need , and be loved for who they are inside and not what they have. My relationships are based on honesty , for me that is the most important thing especially with my clients . We live in a transactional world where the give and take is ingrained on all levels through our lives. In my learning and experience its part of my responsibility as an escort courtesan companion, to keep my clients expectations in a doable connection. Why is it if a client wants to overstep the boundaries that’s okay , but if the paid companion does that’s instant character assassination and he or she is nothing but a gold digger etc. How dare she or he . Sounds a bit harsh? well you try it. The outcome may shock you, the glass ceiling is alive and well in the sex industry too.

I have always been a loner , when I was young I used to dream that I was riding and riding through the world dreaming up places and stories. And I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer was a philanthropist. Everyone laughed except the person who asked me the question . He smiled asked me did I know what that was . I did , what can I say I have always wanted to give back . My immediate family never understood , and I was constantly put down and told why aren’t you like my beautiful blonde blue eyed cousin . And that set me up as I made my way through my life. Comparing myself to the rest of the populace was not helpful. Be careful what you say and how you treat your children because you can shape or destroy them. It nearly destroyed me .I remember when I turned 18 and started thinking about driving and my father saying don’t think I’m going to buy you a car , then he turned to my brother and asked him what he wanted. My brother got a brand new sports car the one he asked for. Every time I wanted attention I got things. I have learnt that things are meaningless … From a young age I have equated acceptance with money . True love is unconditional, whether love of self or another. I am still learning how to love me. I remember being very sad and devoid of hope and took a lot of tablets and my girlfriend rang me . Thank god for her as I started to feel the life slowly drain from me , I got up and made my way to the hospital .My 21st birthday was very memorable. Having your stomach pumped is a disgusting and degrading experience , but the alternative is far worse. And the chief resident on duty that night knew me. That was even harder to take . There’s that ego of mine again .But it’s now time to let go of the past. The future is full of hope joy and freedom because I never give up and always look ahead. I hold the belief that I am not meant to look behind I choose to live today , in the present and the future represents all my dreams and hopes. As Quincy Jones said let go of the past, because you are robbing yourself of the future if you walk around with all that negative stuff. This is not to be a pity party , don’t underestimate me or my strength . And life is all challenging but it is also very exciting. I have always been extraordinarily lucky. I think there has been an angel sitting on my shoulders since I was born . But because some of the things I have seen heard and experienced most would never have survived with their sanity .

It takes a certain type of person to be able to handle being an escort or sex worker. For many years I was ashamed , now I am very proud of what I do and the people I am lucky to experience. The greatest compliment my clients can give me is not to need me anymore. The same is of anyone I mentor. I want you to be better than I am. be the best you can be as an escort and a human being. You can make the money the important thing and f*** over everyone in your desire to get it or you can make the clients the most important thing and allow the money to flow to you, easily.

I started in this business was when I was in my late 20s . I was a receptionist for an escort agency for 2 years before I actually started working and then I only did escort work in the true sense of the word. Working was an easy transition for me . There was thousands of dollars handed to me each night , I remember thinking hmm here I am helping them all make thousands and I’m getting $ per hour . My moral compass is a little broader than most . I always reasoned that if it’s okay to marry for money its okay keep men company for money, at least they know what I want.

My first appointment, I have never forgotten

I couldn’t stop shaking and the gentleman asked me if I had done this before . I lied and said oh yes a few times… The evening went well after a few bottles of wine dinner in the room and bed…

Funnily don’t remember what the sex was like . Only the next morning after we took care of the morning glory there was blood over the condom … He was furious and couldn’t believe I didn’t know I was about to get my period. The truth it was the stress that triggered this unfortunate event . I was devastated .. slunk through the hotel foyer doing the walk of shame, in a white skirt ( Now I carry sunglasses and day wear) .. I went back to the agency and handed over a reasonable sum of cash of which I got 70 percent .

In those days that was more than most made in a month …

For the next six months I went back to the reception desk,until forgot my shame and really starred working.

I have been very lucky, all the agencies I have worked with have been reputable and relatively caring. I have heard from a lot of girls that they were raped on their first booking . Their agency did nothing nor did they care, I was lucky as I have never worked for

inhumane people or forced to work to support others or drugs.

The woman told me she had an escort agency and my job would be taking the phone calls sending out the girls confirming the bookings, credit card payments organising shifts , rosters etc… . So I thought how hard can this be…or so I thought . It became easy for me , after a while , and I had help. . My repore with the girls and the clients was very good. They all trusted me, for me priority one is the staff , the client then the company. If your staff are happy , they will make your clients happy , the company benefits from the constant cash flow and easy work environment. And I have always had a gift of hearing what is not said . Could pick out the bs from the genuine in a heart beat. I was born with the instinct to read people and the ability of clairvoyance. Many working girls do.

When my escort creer started it was illegal throughout Australia, and busts did happen even though you would always hear of a possible raid, luckily I was never arrested .

But it is amazing how everyone would band together and close ranks if the police tried to make a bust .There were a few less reputable places around but I have never had any association with them , heard the stories but never experienced myself.. Every girl working in the agencies were there by choice and definitely over 21.

I have always had a sixth sense second to none. I could turn around and walk out the door before anyone realised I was leaving. The agency always sent the new girls out with me… they told me later it was because I made it easy for the newbies , and I made them feel comfortable. . People around me feel comfortable and its also why I have so many repeat clientele. Jealousy and comparisons I find to be a waste of energy .

I was head hunted by one the countries top agencies . There was two prices 1 hour 4 hours of dinner .

But many paid the for dinner and fun . One night I dinned 3 times in the same restaurant. The last time it was desert only . The Maitre de did look at me rather strangely, as I had changed my clothes with each one. He must have taken pity on me when he suggested their wonderful salads .. Regular clientele are your bread butter as in any business. I always looked after them extremely well and today especially so and word of mouth was very important . And still is today. I wont tell you what they did or who they were , but most were international business men.

I would approach a hotel room , cautiously, take off my heels and tip toe to the door and listen. I remember once I was at a 5 star hotel I crept to the door and I could hear them inside , it was hilarious there must have been 5 guys in there. That peeved me off me cranky. So being me I knocked on the door this guy is standing there saying come in he had a friend with him him… I said not likely he says hes leaving and I said yes well what about the other 3 in the bathroom . The look of shock on their faces I could hear shocked as they came out into the hotel room. know. Well guys now you know. I dress like a business woman, underneath I wore my sexy lingerie and in my briefcase were my tools of trade, stocking condoms etc…

For me escorting was not something I felt ashamed of, I have and have always been proud of the fact that I brought as smile to a strangers face.. It sounded exciting , the fact that I actually could be expected having sex with a stranger made it more exciting. I was born kinky. When I began in my first agency the madam was an honourable woman and did her best to talk me out of it. She took me aside and said if you are going to do this remember these three things. Never go without a condom , its your body do with what is comfortable to you and thirdly never give your money to a

man. She grabbed zucchini a condom and said put that on with your mouth. I practised until I got it and thanked the stars that most men are built a smaller size. Although I have met a few.

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