An evening of seduction

Fine dining can often be a bore when you’re dealing with the pretentious fun. We are required to set the evening on fire. Class and discretion is vital for a evening of delicious seduction. As my appearance shows that I may be one of your colleagues, wife or lawyer we discuss what your hidden desires mean to you so I can accommodate further as we head towards to elevator. Whats on the menu is up for a delightful sensual discussion.

Fantasy dress

Have you ever seen the movie that you that would come to light when she arrives wearing nothing but a trench coat, and yet you wonder what is really underneath. Is it just suspenders, crutchless lace knickers, or something else. The thrill of not knowing until she opens her coat. Before she gently brushes her hand across your lower belly.

Come to Mama

No I don’t mother however I will present as the most seductive woman of them all. Tell me your problems and let my wisdom solve them how ever I see fit. BE assured you will satisfied. I will give direction and take care of you. You will be so turned on you won’t know what to do.

For your viewing pleasure….